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Blocks are items which may be added to the left or right or centre column of any page in Moodle. They may also be added to the centre of the Dashboard.

Overview of blocks

Any block can be made 'sticky' so that it appears in all the contexts below, such as throughout a course or a particular activity - see Block settings.

Blocks can be placed on the side of the screen (if your theme supports it) via the Dock icons ( Dock to block.png and Block to dock.png ). If a responsive theme (such as 'Clean' or Boost theme) is used, blocks will be accessible from the bottom of smaller screens, below the main content.

Note it is also possible to dock blocks when using the Clean theme if desired. You can theme the position of blocks in the centre of pages as well if you are able to create custom themes.

Standard blocks

Available blocks include:

Activity results
Admin bookmarks
Blog menu
Blog tags
Community finder
Course completion status
Course overview
Course/site summary
Global search
Latest announcements
Latest badges
Learning plans
Logged in user
Main menu
Mentees block
Network servers
Online users
Private files
Quiz results
Random glossary entry
Recent activity
Recent blog entries
Remote RSS feeds
Search forums
Section links
Self completion
Social activities
Upcoming events

There are also many contributed blocks available for download from the plugins database.

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