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To view the submitted assignment, the teacher should click on the assignment activity they wish to review. Then click on "View 'x' submitted assignments" link in the upper right corner.

Overview of submissions page

The submissions page contains a table with headings:

  1. First name and Surname (along with the photograph)
  2. Grade (for the submitted assignment)
  3. Comment (the feedback information you have written in the feedback field while grading the assignment)
  4. Last modified (Student) (the date of the last modification of the assignment by the student)
  5. Last modified (Teacher) (the date of the last modification of the assignment by the teacher)
  6. Status (with which you can move to the page where you grade the submitted assignment or, in case it's been graded, update the grade and/or the comment)
  7. Final grade

Above the table there is an alphabetical index, which helps you narrow down the number of students shown on one page only to those whose surname (or name) starts with the same letter. That is particularly helpful in case of a large number of course participants.

The list of submissions may be sorted by clicking on a particular heading. Clicking twice on the same heading sorts the list in the opposite order. If the table is too large then columns may be collapsed by clicking on the Hide icon next to a particular column heading.

By default, 10 submissions are shown per page, though this may be changed at the bottom of the page.

Grade submission

Basic grading assignments

To grade or mark a submission, click on the Grade link opposite a particular student's name. A new window will open containing a feedback area.

Once you've reviewed the student's assignment, pick the grade for the assignment from the dropdown list. (You set the scale when you created the assignment.) Below the grade scale, you can type comments regarding their work. When you're done, click "Save changes" or "Save and show next".

Quick grading assignments

You may prefer to use "quick grading" by checking the box at the bottom of the submissions page. This enables you to quickly grade multiple assignments all on one page, rather than one by one in a new window. Simply add the grades and comments then when you're done, click "Save all my feedback" at the bottom of the page.

Tutorial on feedback and grading

  1. Click directly on the assignment whose submissions you wish to mark.
  2. Click on View submitted assignments (top right)
  3. Before going any further, I would like to draw your attention to some settings on this page. Scroll to the bottom and you will see: Submissions per page and Allow quick grading
    1. I find it useful to set the submissions per page quite large so as not to have to keep opening new pages to see more students.
    2. Normally you have to click on Grade on the right to open a new page where you can view the submission and enter marks and type some feedback text. If you Allow quick grading you can do this on the same line as the submission is listed.
    3. Save preferences if you change either of these. For the rest of this, I will assume that you have enabled Allow quick grading.
  4. On the line across for each person, if they have submited, you will see a link to a file. If you click on the file it will either open in a new browser window (if your browser is capable of viewing the document), or it will ask you if you wish to save to disc or open using the appropriate application program.
  5. Once you have viewed their submission, you can then indicate a mark from the drop down list, and/or enter your comments in the box.
  6. You can do this for many students, however the marks are not stored until you select Save all my feedback either at the top or the bottom of the list of student. It is advisable not to leave too long a time before doing this. After you do this, all students who you left feedback for are sent an email to let them know that there is feedback available for them.
  7. You might note that if you have a long list of students you can sort in many ways, firstname, lastname etc by clicking on the blue link at the top of each column. A useful way is to sort by "Last modified Student" (get the arrow pointing upwards - ie. latest first) which will show the most recently submitted. If you allow more than one submission it is also useful to compare "Last modified student" date with "Last modified Lecturer" date as you can spot who has resubmitted since you last commented.

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