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== When will Moodle 1.6 be released? ==
== When will Moodle 1.6 be released? ==
When it's ready.  :-)  The latest estimate for 1.6 beta is 22nd March, 2006, with a final release some weeks after that.
When it's ready.  :-)  A beta is currently available for testing with a final release due when the bugs are ironed out!
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Changing text in Moodle

Text in Moodle may be changed by editing the language files via Administration >> Configuration >> Language.

Please note that language files are overwritten with new versions when upgrading. To avoid this, you may create your own language pack by copying the contents of your language folder into a new folder, making it the default for the site, then editing this instead.

How do I make my Moodle site homepage look like the moodle.org homepage?

Please see the theme how-to homepage design of moodle.org for full details.

How do the limits on uploaded files work?

File upload sizes are restricted in a number of ways - each one in the list restricts the following ones.

1. Firstly, there is a setting in Apache 2 which you may need to change. On Redhat this setting is very low by default, you can change the limit by adding or editing a line in Apache's /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and/or /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf with the upload size in bytes (different operating systems may have these files in different locations):

LimitRequestBody 10485760

2. PHP also has two more byte limits, which you can set in php.ini and sometimes in a .htaccess file:

php_value upload_max_filesize 50000000
php_value post_max_size 50000000

To convert from Bytes to Megabytes use this convertor

Please note that a server re-start may be required for the above changes to take effect.

3. Moodle has a site-wide limit called maxbytes that may be set in Administration >> Configuration >> Variables.

4. A limit may be set by teachers in the Course settings.

5. Activity modules such as Forums and Assignments have their own limits which may be set when adding or editing the activity.

See also

I have forgotten the admin password

Firstly, try using the button "Send my details via email". Otherwise, you will need to access the database using MySQL admin. Passwords for all users, including admin, are stored encrypted in the table mdl_user. Copy the guest password (guest) into the admin password field then login using it.

Additional solutions are detailed in the discussions change admin's password and login/password.

My log table has disappeared - No logs found!

The most likely cause is that the mdl_log table has become corrupted. It may be repaired using MySQL Admin as follows:

Click the SQL tab, then in the "Run SQL query/queries on database moodle" field type
and click the Go button.

External links

My style sheet changes aren't showing up

Browsers usually cache style sheets and so a forced refresh (CTRL + F5) is required before any changes show up.

Site-wide scales

To add a site-wide scale, available in all courses, follow the Scales link in any course Administration block. Add a new scale, then use the move down arrow to move the scale from custom scales to standard scales.

Users are being unenrolled for no apparent reason

Unenrolment may be controlled by the following:

  • The longtimenosee variable in Administration >> Configuration >> Variables which specifies the time limit for which, if students haven't logged in, they are unenrolled from courses.
  • The Enrolment duration in the Course settings which unenrols students after the specified time has elapsed.

When will Moodle 1.6 be released?

When it's ready.  :-) A beta is currently available for testing with a final release due when the bugs are ironed out!

See also