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  • ...a '''single robust, secure and integrated system''' to create personalised learning environments. You can [ download the software] ==Built for learning, globally==
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  • ...he School of the Air, giving him from a young age an insight into distance learning. ...nferences/tlf/tlf2000/dougiamas.html Improving the Effectiveness of online Learning]. He registered the word 'Moodle' as a [
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  • The options for editing, commenting viewing history, map and files may all be accessed from tabs at the top (''1'' in screensho *The '''History''' tab allows users to see what has been altered in the wiki. Compare edits
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  • ...back and really reflect on the pedagogy that is at the core of what we, as online educators, are trying to do. ...s into sequences and groups, which can help you guide participants through learning paths. Thus, each activity can build on the outcomes of previous ones.
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  • ...gency (ADL) to oversee the standard for developing and distributing online learning. All Federal agencies are mandated to use programs that meet those standar ...ny educators the standard features do the job perfectly and do not require learning a new program. There is a useful form post discussing the pros and cons of
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  • ...the XAMPP site for images, which works only as long as the XAMPP Moodle is online. The same applies to links, cross referencing, and other links to documenta ...S. You could also have a look at Poodle (portable Moodle) developed by MAF Learning Technologies for use in isolated and remote areas []
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  • *[[History]] *[[Online users block]]
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  • ...e core now implements open source, transparent next-generation [[Analytics|learning analytics]]. In Moodle 3.4, this system ships with a built-in model called ...ith fully online or “hybrid” or “blended” courses with substantial online components.
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  • * Our faculty are willing to share some learning objects ...rtals for different role communities w/ chat (like AOL in the 90's). Who's online?
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