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Als Administrator/in können Sie auf der Seite Einstellungen > Website-Administration > Berichte > Kursübersicht Kursübersichtsberichte generieren. Vorher müssen Statistiken aktiviert werden.

Sie können Berichte über die aktivsten Kurse in einem gewissen Zeitraum ansehen. Die Ergebnisse werden als Säulendiagramm und in einer Tabelle angezeigt.


Report measures

What is Activity? Activity = number of Views + number of Posts from users in the course, over the period of interest.

What's the difference between a View and a Post?

  • "Views" are instances of a user accessing a Moodle resource or activity to "read" or download it.
  • "Posts" are more active responses such as: submit a quiz, submit an assignment, respond to a discussion forum etc. Posts are not just discussion forum posts!

When a user accesses a resource or activity, these actions are usually captured in the Moodle site database, ready for counting when a Course Overview Report is run. However, some 3rd-party modules do not have the code necessary to register a View or Post action, and so such activities are not captured.

Available reports

Here's a list of View and Post action reports, with a brief summary of the type of reports.

Core module reports

  • Assignment Views: view ; Posts: upload
  • Chat Views: view, view all, report; Posts: talk
  • Choice Views: view, view all, report; Posts: choose, choose again
  • Database Views: view; Posts: add, update, record delete
  • Forum Views: view discussion, search, forum, forums, subscribers; Posts: add discussion, add post, delete discussion, delete post, move discussion, prune post, update post
  • Glossary Views: view, view all, view entry; Posts: add category, add comment, add entry, approve entry, delete category, delete comment, delete entry, edit category, update comment, update entry
  • Hot Potatoes Quiz Views: view, view all, report; Posts: attempt, review, submit
  • Journal Views: view, view all, view responses; Posts: add entry, update entry, update feedback
  • Lesson Views: view, view all; Posts: end, start, update grade attempt
  • Quiz Views: view, view all, report; Posts: attempt, edit questions, review, submit
  • Resource Views: view, view all; Posts:
  • SCORM/AICC Views: preview, view, view all, report; Posts:
  • Survey Views: download, view all, view form, view graph, view report; Posts: submit

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