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# [[User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Dougiamas]]
# [[User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Dougiamas]]
# [[User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Schuhmacher]]
# [[User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Schuhmacher]]
# [[User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Dreschler]]
==Day 2==
==Day 2==

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Main page: Moodleposium/2010

Notes by James Neill

I had wireless connectivity during Moodleposium/2010, so I micro-blogged on Twitter (http://twitter.com/jtneill) with the #mpos10 tag. I also typed wiki-notes and have organised them here:

Day 1

  1. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Chubb
  2. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Dearn
  3. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Evans
  4. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Tuckfield
  5. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Dougiamas
  6. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Schuhmacher
  7. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Dreschler

Day 2

  1. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010/Ridden