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Multianswer question type

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A Lesson multianswer question asks the student to select ALL the answers that are correct. It is a type of multiple choice question. In earlier versions, this question type was called "multichoice".

Note: In Moodle 1.9 Quiz module, a similar question type can be created by by selecting the Multiple Choice question type then changing the "One or multiple answers?" pulldown menu to "multiple answers allowed".

Multianswer in a Lesson

When in edit mode, the multianswer question in a Lesson looks like a multiple choice question. The goal is for the student to select EVERY correct answer.

  • The correct answers must be the first answers listed in edit mode and the wrong answer follow.
  • All jumps, scores and teacher responses must be the same for right answers. All jumps, scores and teacher responses must be the same for wrong answers must be the same.

This is very different from a multiple choice lesson question and from a quiz module multichoice question. Partial credit is never scored on a Lesson multianswer question. The student either selects just the correct answers to receive the correct score or Lesson scores any other combination of answers as being answered wrong.

Tip: There must be at least one incorrect answer in all multianswer questions (at least, in the 1.9 version of the lesson module) or there will be a slight error when only 1 of the correct answers is selected. The remediation screen will not be displayed, there will be a flash of a blank page with a PHP error, and then the browser will return to the question screen (instead of just showing correct or incorrect remediation).

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