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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.3. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is probably available here: Managing a Moodle course.

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{{Main page}}
{{Main page}}
[[Course|Courses]] are the reason for a teacher to use Moodle. Use this page to expand your knowledge by following links.
* [[Creating a course]]
* [[Course enrolment]]
* [[Grouping users]]
[[Managing a Moodle course]] page contains information and resources about useful things for an educator who creates and runs a course: 
* [[Managing content]]
* [[Tracking progress]]
:*Learn how to [[Creating a course|create a course]] and adjust its basic settings.
* [[Resources]]
* [[Blocks]]
:*Customise the [[Course appearance|course appearance]] by adding blocks, activities, or change themes.
:*Set and manage [[Course enrolment|course enrolment]].
:*[[Grouping users]] into [[Groups|groups]], [[Groupings|groupings]] and [[Cohorts|cohorts]] can be both very efficient and effective. 
:*See how to keep your courses [[Course security|secure]].
:*Save time by [[Re-using courses and activities|re-using courses and activities]] - [[Course backup|back up]], [[Course restore|restore]], [[Import course data|import]], [[Reset_course|reset]], [[Clone_resource/activity|clone]] and [[Share within your Moodle|share]] courses and/or parts of.
:*Advertise and/or share your Moodle courses worldwide or locally through [[Community hubs]].
To see more details about the learning activities (the heart of Moodle!) and how to use them, please visit the [[Learning and evaluation tools]] section.
For site-wide, admin related items, you may want to check [[Managing a Moodle site]] section.

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