Adding/editing a questionnaire

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.3. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is probably available here: Adding/editing a questionnaire.

Open/Close dates

Set the date window for when users can complete the questionnaire. You can leave the boxes unchecked if you want the questionnaire to be continually available.


Decide whether users are allowed to respond once or can repeatedly respond to adjust their feedback.

Respondent Type

Determine whether the questionnaire will be submitted anonymously or with the user's name. You will still need to be logged in to a course to complete the questionnaire.

Respondent Eligibility

Decide whether everyone can answer or whether you want to restrict it to tutor only or student only responses. For restricted access options remember to assign the correct roles either at the course or activity level. For example, if you put a questionnaire on the front page, intended for teachers only, then you will have to let Moodle know which users are teachers.

Questionnaire type

Only available on the course it was set up in.
Allows the questionnaire to be shared across multiple courses. Questions/content are maintained by the original creator.
Creates a template for a questionnaire that can be used when new questionnaires are created. This questionnaire is not used directly but stored for future use.

Save/Resume answers

Decide whether the questionnaire can be saved and completed over a period of time, or whether it needs to be completed in one go.

Survey Options

Create new
Define a new set of survey questions and responses
Copy existing
Use a previously created template as the basis for your questionnaire - you can edit some questions/content.
Use public
Use a previously created public survey - you cannot edit the questions/content.
Create new

Public questionnaire roll out to multiple courses

It is possible to create a Public questionnaire which can be placed in several simultaneous courses, yet the responses are not visible to the teachers of those courses. In fact, the responses are only accessible in the original public questionnaire. A good application of this setup is for course evaluations which you want students to take. In such an example, you don't want your instructors to view or alter those responses.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Create a course that will simply be a shell for any public questionnaires. Give it whatever title you like. You can hide the course entirely.
  2. Create your questionnaire in this course. Be sure to select Public for the questionnaire type.
  3. Build all of the questionnaire questions in this public questionnaire.
  4. Navigate to the course where you want to place the questionnaire for respondents.
  5. Select the option to add a questionnaire. Complete the creation screen. For Type, select Respond once. For Respondent Eligibility, select Students only. For Questionnaire type, select Private. Then select the public questionnaire you created in the other course.
  6. After you save your changes, the same screen will appear. Note that the questionnaire type now says "Public," and the selected public questionnaire is shown below.
  7. Test it out! Student responses will appear in the original questionnaire, but will not be visible at all in the local questionnaire. Teachers will be able to preview the survey, but will not be able to respond to it or to view responses.