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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is probably available here: report/myfeedback/index.

The Moodle My Feedback report appears in the My Profile > Activity Reports menu and allows students to see an overview of all their grades and feedback for assessment activities such as Moodle Assignments, Turnitin Assignments (v1 & v2), Workshops and Quizzes. It provides their visible grades and a link to their submission and any feedback that has been released to them.

The report can be accessed via the user profile (Activity Reports > My Feedback report). Access is controlled by the user context, teacher will be able to see this user's grades for the courses that they are teacher in Users can only see their own grades Admin and manager can see all grades for all users (unless permissions prohibit this)

The report is intended to help students understand the variety of feedback they receive. It can also be used to identify similarities between feedback received from across modules and years to help students see how they can improve their work in future assessments.

Glossary of terms

Term Definition Visible to
Assessment A set piece of assigned work or an item for which a student is given a grade and/or feedback with a Moodle course. Types of assessment are:
  • Moodle assignment (including offline assignments)
  • Turnitin assignment
  • Workshop (for peer assessment)
  • Quiz
  • Manual item (grade entered into gradebook for in-class activities, such as presentations)

Staff are provided a total number of assessments a student should have submitted thus far on the Personal tutor, Module tutor and Departmental Administrator dashboards.

Students & staff
Course The Moodle course that contains each assessment that appears in the MyFeedback report. A course is an area in Moodle, often used to share module information, however it can also be used for other purposes (e.g to represent a programme, project, prelab activity or professional development course). Students and any enrolled staff
Departmental administrator A member of staff who has oversight for a particular department or programme in an administrative, senior teaching or management capacity (e.g. programme administrator, departmental/teaching administrator, module leader, departmental tutor, faculty tutor, programme tutor, programme director, head of department, director of studies or programme leader). n/a
Formative and summative assessment Formative assessment takes place throughout the course. It has a developmental purpose and is designed to help students to learn more effectively via set pieces of work and giving students feedback on their performance and how it can be improved and/or maintained. Formative assessment is reflective practice and does not usually contribute to the course grade at the end of the year. Any coursework that counts towards the final grade is known as 'summative' feedback. Staff and students
Graded assessments The number of assessments graded thus far, with feedback visible to students. Staff via dashboard
Late feedback The number of assessments graded more than 4 weeks after the submission or due date (whichever is later). UCL has a four week feedback turnaround policy, so feedback that takes longer than this to reach students is considered late.

Note: this information is not available in the current release of MyFeedback and is scheduled for release to Tutors and Departmental Administrators only in November. The MyFeedback report can only determine the last date that the feedback was updated. So if changes are made to the grade or feedback after they are initially released (e.g. amendments are made) this may result in assessments being deemed to have late feedback, when this is not actually the case. This should be kept in mind when viewing this information.

Departmental Admins via dashboard
Late submissions The number of assignments that have been submitted after the deadline.

Note: assignment and quiz deadlines can be amended to give individuals extensions. If this is done, the report takes this into account when determining the number of late submissions. However, not all departments use this feature in Moodle, so this should kept in mind when viewing this data.

Staff via dashboard
Low graded assessments The number of assessments (where the grades have been released to students) with a score below 50%. Staff via dashboard
Non-submissions The number of missed submissions for due assessments. Staff via dashboard