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Participants are the teachers and students who are part of a course.  The list of participants can be seen by clicking the ''Participants'' link in the [[Navigation block]]
#redirect [[Enrolled users]]
If it has been added, the'' Participants'' link in the [[People block]] will also show course participants.
The participants list may be restricted to display:
* Members of a particular [[Groups|group]]
* Users inactive for more than a particular period of time
* Users with a particular role, such as teacher
Teachers (or other users with appropriate permissions) may select particular users then perform any of the following actions:
* Send [[Messaging|message]]
* Add a [[Notes|new note]]
* Add a common note (for adding the same note to more than one user)
==See also==
''Settings>Course Administration>Users>Enrolled users'' for options to assign roles to participants or or unenrol them

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