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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is probably available here: Outcomes.


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Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student has demonstrated and understood at the completion of an activity or course. Each outcome is rated by some sort of scale). Other terms for outcomes are Competencies and Goals.

In simple terms outcomes are similar to sub components of a grade. A grade is an assessment of overall performance that may include tests, participation, attendance and projects. Outcomes assess specific levels of knowledge through a series of statements, that maybe coded with numbers or letters. Thus an overall grade can be given for a course, along with statements about specific competencies in the form of outcomes.

Using outcomes

  1. Choose or define some outcomes for your course (see below).
  2. For each activity, choose which of these outcomes apply using the tickbox in the activity's settings page.
  3. When grading that activity, grade each student using the Outcome scales. Note: You can also edit the grades in the Grader report (useful for modules that don't feature inbuilt grading).
  4. Use the outcomes as part of the assessment for students, or look at the Outcomes report for some useful feedback on how students in the class in general are performing.

Outcomes used in course

Outcomes may be set at site and/or course level. To choose outcomes for use in your course:

  1. Follow course administration block > outcomes link. (Alternatively, select outcomes from the gradebook view dropdown menu.)
  2. Add outcomes from the standard available list (right side), and use the left-facing arrow button to add them to outcomes used list (left side). Multiple outcomes may be selected by holding down the Apple or Ctrl key whilst clicking on the individual outcomes.

Adding course-level outcomes

Adding an outcome
To add a course-level outcome:
  1. Follow the outcomes link in the course administration block. (Alternatively, select outcomes from the gradebook view dropdown menu.)
  2. Click the "Edit outcomes" tab in the middle of the page.
  3. Click the "Add a new outcome" button.
  4. Complete the form then click the "Save changes" button.

Adding standard outcomes

To add standard outcomes, which are available site-wide:

  1. Login as an administrator.
  2. Access Site administration > Grades > Outcomes.
  3. Click the "Add a new outcome" button.
  4. Complete the form then click the "Save changes" button.

Exporting outcomes

Outcomes (and their associated scales) can be exported by clicking the "Export all outcomes" button. This will send a file (in .csv format) that can be read by Excel, OpenOffice.org or by any text editor.

Importing outcomes

Outcomes (and associated scales) may be imported by submitting a csv file. The format should be as follows:

Field name Description Required Format
outcome_name The full name of the outcome Yes String
outcome_shortname The short name of the outcome Yes String
outcome_description The description of the outcome No String
scale_name The name of the scale used Yes String
scale_items A comma-separated list of scale items Yes String
scale_description The description of the scale No String

Here is an example:

outcome_name;outcome_shortname;outcome_description;scale_name;scale_items;scale_description Participation;participation;;Participation scale;"Little or no participation, Satisfactory participation, Full participation";

Note that while importing:

  • Existing outcomes and scale will be used if available (no overwriting is done by the script)
  • The script will stop if it detects that the file contains invalid data.

Removing selected outcomes for activities

Previously selected outcomes are greyed out on the update activity page, however they can be removed via the gradebook on the categories and items page. They will appear in the list either below or above the activity they have been enabled in and will have the same icon as that activity. Note that if you have renamed the outcome since you assigned it to the activity, the orginal name will be displayed. Deleting the outcomes from this list will result in the outcomes being deselected on the update activity page.

Enabling site outcomes

Site administration > Grades > Outcomes

Outcomes are created on the site level and one of the Scales is attached to a specific outcome.

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