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The Directory resource type can be used to display a whole directory (and its subdirectories) from your course files area. Students can then browse and view all those files.
When you are adding or editing a directory resource, you have to fill in the following fields:
'''Name''' - a short name of the resource. This will be displayed on the course's homepage. Note that it doesn't have to be the same name as the name of the course files directory which you are displaying as a resource.
'''Summary''' - You may type the summary of the resource here. This will be displayed on the [[Resources]] page.
'''Display a directory''' - Use this drop-down list to select the directory that you want to display. Remember that all the files in the selected directory (together with the contents of all sub-directories) will be made available to students.
'''Visible to students''' - You may hide the resource from students by selecting "Hide" here. It is useful if you wouldn't like to make the resource available immediately.
==See also==
*Using Moodle [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=41291 Tool bar and Print button missing when opening Word docs from 'Display a Directory'] forum discussion
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[[nl:Map tonen]]

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