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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is probably available here: Converting files to UTF-8.

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[[fr:Conversion de fichiers en UTF-8]]
[[fr:Conversion de fichiers en UTF-8]]

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Template:Moodle 1.6 Some files, like custom language packs or language files from third party modules need to be converted to UTF-8 before they may be used in Moodle 1.6 with UTF-8 database.

*nix like computers (including Mac OS X)

Generally, this may be done with the iconv command on Unix, Linux or a Mac.

iconv -f original_charset -t utf-8 originalfile > newfile

see also the windows explanation - the script there is one for *nix computers, but used in a cygwin environment

Windows computers

For Windows, there are three methods of performing the conversion.

Method 1

  • Open the flat file in PSPad (a freeware editor) : http://www.pspad.com
  • Click on Format, UTF-8
  • Save the file

Method 2

Download the Windows version of the iconv program. Download the "Complete package, except source" and run the setup program. The executable is located in the bin folder. Run from the command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) and follow the instructions as above.

Method 3

The conversion may also be done by using Cygwin, a Linux-like environment for Windows, and excecuting the iconv command in that environment. Here is an example of a working solution on Windows with Cygwin:

  • Create a text file, named ToUtf8.txt
  • Fill it with the following code
ICONV="iconv -f $FROM -t $TO"
# Convert
find ToUTF/ -type f -name "*" | while read fn; do
cp ${fn} ${fn}.bak
$ICONV < ${fn}.bak > ${fn}
rm ${fn}.bak

Two things should be changed for your local situation:

  1. FROM is the originating encoding (the one your original files are in)
  2. ToUTF is the foldername where the files that need to be converted are in. This folder may contain subfolders. Make sure you have a backup!
  • Start Cygwin.
  • With the cd foldername, cd.., ls commands, go to the folder on your windows machine where the ToUtf8.txt script and the ToUTF8 folder are in.
  • Execute the script by typing sh ToUtf8.txt and your files will be converted.