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'''Streamlined section editing:
Topic and weekly sections are now edited from one drop down menu which includes setting, highlighting, hiding, duplicating and deleting.
[[File:TempEditsections.png|thumb|600px|center|New menu for editing course sections]]
==Course management==
==Course management==

Version vom 25. November 2015, 12:29 Uhr

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Die Highlights unter den neuen Funktionalitäten für Trainer/innen finden Sie im Artikel Neue Funktionalitäten.

Dieser Artikel beschreibt, welche Neuheiten und Änderungen darüber hinaus für Trainer/innen relevant sind.

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Sie können nun auf einfache Weise Tabellen im Text-Editor anlegen und formatieren: Größe, Farbe, Rahmen usw.

Voraussetzung dafür ist, dass die Moodle-Administration die entsprechenden Einstellungen systemweit aktiviert hat.


Außerdem stellt der Gleichungseditor neue Elemente zur Verfügung: Wurzelzeichen, Brüche und Vektoren.


Course management

Guest access and password: If you wish guests to view your course, you will now need to set guest access and a password from Course administration >Users >Enrolment methods.

Manual enrolments: When enrolling students to your course manually, note that the site default now enrols them immediately.

Filter by not in group: There is a new option to filter students who are not in any group. You can do this in both Course administration > Users >Enrolled users and also in Course administration >Users > Groups >Overview

Filter by last access: The Enrolled users screen also allows you to filter your students by last access to the course.

Filter by last access and no group

Course tagging: A new setting in Course administration >Edit settings lets you tag your course so it may be searched for by others in Site pages > Tags.

Gradebook setup: If you're looking for Categories and items in the Gradebook, it's been renamed to 'Gradebook setup'.


Database activity

Unapproved entries in newly created databases are now highlighted for both teacher and the user who added them, and it is also possible to prevent editing of entries once they have been approved.

Unapproved entries highlighted


Four new question types:

Four new question types are available for the quiz, focusing on selecting and locating items. Three of the four question types use drag and drop.

MCS, MCVS, MCHS Cloze subquestion types The Embedded Answers (Cloze) question type now includes the possibility of using these subquestion types.

File resource

You can now include the date a file was uploaded or modified when displaying it:

Show uploaded date


Pages can be deleted when the course is reset.


You can now filter participants in the submission phase to easily see who has submitted and who has not:

Show all participants in a workshop activity.