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About Video Time

Video Time is a moodle activity plugin which can be used to easily embed videos from the popular video streaming service Vimeo. While there are plans to support other sources (like YouTube), currently, only Vimeo is supported. Since Vimeo is unfortunately not available in all parts of the world, please make sure that you and your students can access it. An online connection is required.

The Video Time product family

The free version of Video Time is making it super easy to embed videos into moodle and display them as an activity. In addition, you can extend Video Time's feature set through paid subscriptions. The following table lists all components of what we call the Video Time product family.

List of products in the Video Time Family
Name Type Description Link
Video Time


Activity module The activity is the main component; all other components are built upon it and rely on it. It is freely available on the moodle plugin database.
Video Time Pro


Video Time sub plugin The pro (sub)plugin extends the features of Video Time, among others: resume, tracking, activity completion and much more. It is available as a paid subscription on our website.
Video Time Repository


Video Time sub plugin The repository (sub)plugin provides a tight integration with Vimeo; it allows teachers to pick videos (instead of adding them via URL). It relies on pro and is therefor available as a subscription called "Business" which includes both the pro and repository subplugin.
Video Time Filter Filter plugin This filter enables teachers to embed the Video Time player everywhere on your moodle/totara site using a shortcode (e.g. [videotime cmid="123"]. It needs pro to work and comes included with both the pro and business subscription. - included in Pro & Business -
Video Time Atto Atto plugin This atto plugin is a helper tool for the filter; it provides a list of available videos in the course and automatically creates the shortcode for you. - included in Pro & Business -

We do offer discounts for volume licences, non-profit organizations and customers from companies with low buying power. In addition, we offer free licenses in return for contributions like documentation or translations. Please contact us to learn more about it.

Main Features

Free Version

  • Super easy to use — create the activity, enter URL & title and save.
  • Additional content — you can add content above and below the player, e.g. instructions, links to additional resources, a h5p interaction ...
  • Track view — supports activity completion "require student to view activity"
  • Global search — title, additional contents and tags are found using moodle's included global search

Pro Version

  • Track viewing time — use Video Time to track how long a student has watched the video
  • Track watch percentage — use Video Time to track until which point the student has watched the video
  • Extended activity completion support — require the student to watch the video for a certain duration and/or until a certain point to complete the activity
  • Resume — automatically resume where you left off last time
  • Next activity — configure which activity should be viewed next; there's also an option to automatically proceed to that activity once the video is finished.
  • Global configuration — the site administrator can set defaults for most settings globally; it's also possible to enforce them
  • Prevent fast forwarding — avoid that your students skip parts of the video
  • In-activity — embed the Video Time player in other activities in your course and other parts of your moodle site (e.g. the dashboard)
  • Dash Data Source: Video Time Stats — useful for site wide statistical reporting of Video Time activities using Dash
  • Dash Data Source: Video Time Sessions — useful for reports on students viewing session of Video Time activities using Dash
  • Label mode — display the Video Time player directly on the course page

Business Version

Please note: the "business" version is not targeted specifically at corporate customers, it is also a great solution for academic institutions — we are considering re-naming it to "Premium"

  • Deep Vimeo integration — directly connects your moodle/totara site to Vimeo using their API
  • Media library — see all videos from your connected Vimeo account in moodle; supports searching, filtering and previewing videos
  • Preview mode — displays the Video Time activity with a preview image in a card on the course page
  • Video Channels — create video channels from all of your Video Time activities across your site to create a video hub

How to install Video Time

Please watch the video tutorial at to see the installation of Video Time Pro.

For detailled installation instructions please go to VideoTime/Installation.

How to create a Video Time activity

Video Time can be added to your course like any other activity. If Video Time is not available on your site, please ask your site administrator to install it for you. Installation guidelines can be found at VideoTime/Installation.

  1. Go into your course and turn editing on
  2. Click on "Add new activity or resource"
  3. Choose "Video Time"
  4. Give it a name, add the URL of the video

We've prepared a little demo site where you can view the plugin in action.

If you need help, let us know!

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