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Assessors often decide to hide grades and feedback until marking is complete and finalised, and then release them all at once.

Although Workflow allows this (and is particularly helpful where there are several multiple markers) it is sometimes quicker to simply hide the grades in the Grader Report until it is time to release them. This page explains how to do that. Vorlage:Note


Automatically hide grades and feedback until a set date

This is useful if you have agreed a fixed date to reveal marks and feedback to students. It saves you needing to remember to do this manually (though you can manually change the date if you need to).

  1. In the Grader Report, turn editing on; further settings and controls display.
  2. In the activity's column, in its Controls row, click the Edit icon; a settings page displays.
  3. To reveal the settings for dates setting, click the link to Show more; further settings display.
  4. For the Hidden until setting, click its Enable checkbox; it becomes editable.
  5. Type in the date and time to reveal the marks and feedback.
  6. Save.

Manually hide grades and feedback

This is best used if you never want students to see the grades or feedback, or if you are unsure of the date on which they need to be revealed.

  1. To get to the Grader Report go to your Moodle course front page and in its Settings click Grades; the Grader Report displays.
  2. Turn editing on; further settings and controls display.
  3. Note that columns correspond to activities, and each column has Controls (just below the column title) which act on that entire activity.
  4. To hide grades and feedback for an assignment, find its column and click the Show/Hide icon in the Controls row.
  5. In this case there is no need to Save - the effects are immediate.

An example of how hiding grades might be used

Phase Hidden Locked
Before the due date; participant submissions Yes No
Due date and beginning of grading/feedback Yes Yes
End of grading/feedback, release of grades No Yes