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Certification is a process : skills are declared, then evaluated and validated.

Even without a formal certification, the process is the same, each outcome or skill is evaluated by teachers againts a binary scale (0 / 1, or an outcome scale (NA, pass, well done, outstanding).

The Certificate thumbnail gives an instant view of student's achievement to certification. At the end of the certification process, the "certificate" is a "document" which the student can get, print, export.

A certificate is composed by  :

   * A list of skills, competencies, outcomes validated for a given Skills repository (Competency framework)
   * A synthesis by the student  owner
   * A commentary by the referee (a teacher)
   * The referee name (a teacher validator)
   * Date and jury's decision

When a certificate is locked (pink background), not any skill can be added by student.

When a certificate is closed, not any activiy declaration can be added by student.

Certificate validation

Items with null inprint are nor retained for certification...

Each Item which is validated in the activities a number of time which is at least equal to the value of it inprint is validated for the certification.

For example if the item A.1.1 gets an inprint of 2 it has to be validated at least two times (in two activity declarations).

Calculus of a grade

Grade are displayed as percentiles for domains and compétencies...

   At Item level:
   At competency level :
   At domain level :

By the way, the contribution of an Item the grade of the competency (or domain) is proportionnal to WEIGHT * INPRINT.

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