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This is where the Moodle Docs for the aigne theme will be... (soon)

Main features

  • Simple design and full CSS compliance.
  • Only uses 5 hues of the main color, with a Color Schema tool.
  • @font-face css options (3 types included)
  • Personalized logo, slogan and background logo image.
  • New and versatile header Meta Tags options (SEO tools).
  • A FrontPage (not finished) with banner and marketing information spaces.
  • Only two colours Custom Menu settings.
  • Custom Breadcrumb Spacer setting.
  • Totally brand new User Information Area, to be displayed in head or in navigation block.
  • 'NavHelp' footer section with all needed administrative links to personalized and language sensitive pages.
  • ... new Moodle page (webmap, help, search, stats, disclaimer, policies, privacy, security and accessibility)
  • Brand new 'Contact' section with about 30 Social Network links
  • 'Credits' information section, with new options about external w3c validator servers.
  • 'Copyright' section.
  • Over 70 customization options at Site Admin -> Appearance -> Themes -> aigne