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Please don't duplicate my blog post on Moodle Docs. If you want to link to it, link to it on my blog.--Tim Hunt (talk) 02:16, 3 December 2013 (WST)

Removing boundaries and feedbacks

Hello German,

This comment applies to version 2.1 and not to version 3.8. No workaround is required in version 3.8.

Removing py2gif

Hi German,

you removed the link to py2gift from "Tools that create or process GIFTs" (Disclaimer: I'm the author). May I know the reason why? It's OK, I'm not making any money out of this...I'm just curious to know if I did something wrong

Hi Manuel Vázquez 2, I could not find the page where such change was made. Can you please post the page and the date for that change that you saw? German Valero (talk)

Hi again,

hmmm...that's funny, I can't find any trace of the change (just a line) I made a few days ago. However, when I did it I checked from a different private tab in the browser and it was there (don't know whether there was some kind of cache involved :-/ ). Could it be that I checked the box "It's a minor change"? Anyway, it seems it's my bad (I didn't actually save the change or something), so sorry to bother you. I'll try again.


Hi Manuel Vázquez 2, No worries mate! Cheers. German Valero (talk)