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In 2006 I started contributing to MoodleDocs as a way to learn the software. I stepped out of MoodleDocs for about a year because of additional work and family commitments. Looks like I am back with the same motivation.

This summer (July-Aug 2011), I was given the task to build a few webservers for our internal lan (intranet). Got the blades (hardware) last week.

Our use of the application is simple. We do tests, have people download pdfs and fill out questionnaires. I decided that I might as well install 2.1. Our previous servers were 1.5.x Moodles :) We upgraded a 1.5 Moodle server to 1.9 last summer this is a bit more ambitious.

I will be adding a custom language (a version of AmericanSpeak), building 50 exams, 30 questionnaires and uploading 100 or so PDF files as resources. Then I will do the same thing x3 again and then x2 again and perhaps again.

My first blade and Moodle is up. My plan is to get the other 2 blades up, then go back and start building courses on the appropriate servers.

Best to all Chris