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In 2006 I started contributing to MoodleDocs as a way to learn the software.  I stepped intense editing in July 2010 because of additional work and family commitments. Looks like I am back with the same motivation.  
[[https://moodle.org/user/profile.php?id=105471 Click here]] for my Moodle profile.  I have been editing Moodle Docs off and on since 2006.
This summer (July-Aug 2011), I was given the task to build a few webservers for our internal LAN (intranet). 
Best Chris (aka rcollman)
Our use of the application is simple.  We do tests, have people download pdfs and fill out questionnaires.  I decided that I might as well install 2.1.  Our previous servers were 1.5.x Moodles :)  We upgraded a 1.5 Moodle server to 1.9 last summer this is a bit more ambitious.
I will be adding a custom language (a version of AmericanSpeak), building 50 exams, 30 questionnaires and uploading 100 or so PDF files as resources.  Then I will do the same thing x3 again and then x2 again and perhaps again. 
==MoodleDocs 2.0 self professed goals==
*Make sure the menu paths are for Moodle 2.0
*Stick with technical how tos, encourage practical examples for teachers
*Remember English pages are read/translated by non-native speakers
*After editing for 2.0, delete detail instructions for 1.9 replace them with links to a 1.9 page
*Delete opinions and sales pitches for Moodle 2.0
*Identify Tips and Notes, so the "impatient" can skim.
*Pay attention to the way others edit my words so I can improve my style
Noble goals.
Best to all,  Chris --[[User:chris collman|chris collman]] 20:21, 19 July 2011 (WST)

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[Click here] for my Moodle profile. I have been editing Moodle Docs off and on since 2006.

Best Chris (aka rcollman)