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My Profile AND Site pages

My profile

I noticed a while back from a forum post that the page My Profile redirects to Update profile and yet I wonder if we should actually have a My Profile page (linking to updating profile and others) because there is a link in the navigation block that is called My Profile and it expands to include, for example your forum posts, blogs, messages etc - I can't find anywhere in the docs that actually explains the purpose of the "My Profile" link in the navigation block. It is mentioned in the page Navigation block but not dealt with in any detail. Should it have more detail on the navigation block page or have its own page? Likewise...

Site pages

And on the subject of the navigation block, there is mention but no explanation of Site pages there either. I did a search for site pages and couldn't find anything in the docs (though that might be me searching!) I feel it needs an explanation - should it have more explanation on the navigation block page or should it have its own page?--Mary Cooch 01:17, 12 March 2012 (WST)