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PostgreSQL is one of the two databases that is fully supported by Moodle. A database is a required component of any Moodle installation.

Creating Moodle Database

These instructions assume that the database server and web server are on the same machine. If that is not the case you have some more work to do. See the PostgreSQL documentation for further details.

  • Log into the PostgreSQL command line client. The exact form depends on how your PostgreSQL is configured but will be something like:
$ psql -U postgres
Password for user postgres:

(enter the password for your 'postgres' user set during installation). After some preamble you should see the prompt postgres=#.

  • Create the user for the Moodle database and assign a password:
postgres=# create user moodleuser with password 'yourpassword';

...substituting a suitably strong password.

  • Create the database:
postgres=# create database moodle owner moodleuser;

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