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Location: PayPal edit settings link in ''Administration > Courses > [[Enrolment plugins|Enrolments]]''
Location: PayPal edit settings link in ''Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins'' in 2.0 onwards or ''Administration > Courses > Enrolments'' pre-2.0

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Location: PayPal edit settings link in Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins in 2.0 onwards or Administration > Courses > Enrolments pre-2.0

The PayPal enrolment plugin allows you to set up paid courses. It may be enabled via Site administration > Courses > Enrollments. You can use the edit link to set a standard course cost default.

Course costs

Costs for each course can be set separately. If the cost for any course is zero, then students are not asked to pay at the time of enrolment into the course. However, if there is a site wide default course cost, you may override that in your course settings.

If the course cost field is not empty, then students trying to enrol will be presented with the option of making a payment to enter.

If you ALSO enter an enrolment key in the course settings, then students will also have the option to enrol using a key. This is useful if you have a mixture of paying and non-paying students.

Verifying the default encoding

Template:Moodle 1.8If you are using Moodle 1.8 or later, you need to verify the default encoding in your PayPal business account as follows:

  1. Login go to your PayPal account, select "My Account" tab, then Profile tab.
  2. Click on "Language Encoding" in the right column Selling Preferences.
  3. Click on "More Options" button and select UTF-8 encoding for both cases. If you are using other software with IPN please check that it is compatible with UTF-8 encoding.

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