Moodle in education

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Getting started

Activity modules

There are a number of interactive learning activity modules that you can use in your course. Work can be submitted by students and marked by teachers using Assignments or Workshops. Automatic marking can be achieved by using Quizzes. You can even integrate your Hot Potato quizzes by adding a Hotpot activity.

Communications can take place using Chats and Forums for conversational activities and Choices to gain group feedback. Adding Wikis to your courses is an excellent way to allow students to work together on a single piece.

Content can be delivered and supported using Lessons and SCORM activities. Key words can be added to Glossaries by yourself of, if you allow it, your students.

Surveys and Databases are also very powerful additions to any course.

If all of that isn't enough for you then you can also add other modules that are not part of the official Moodle release!





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