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==Getting started==
#redirect [[About Moodle FAQ]]
*[[Teacher introduction]]
*[[Course homepage|The course homepage]]
*[[Course sections]]
*[[Adding resources and activities|Adding resources and activities to your course]]
*[[Formatting options]]
*[[HTML in Moodle]]
==Activity modules==
There are a number of interactive learning activity modules that you can use in your course. Work can be submitted by students and marked by teachers using [[Assignments]] or [[Workshops]]. Automatic marking can be achieved by using [[Quizzes]]. You can even integrate your Hot Potato quizzes by adding a [[Hotpot]] activity.
Communications can take place using [[Chats]] and [[Forums]] for conversational activities and [[Choices]] to gain group feedback. Adding [[Wikis]] to your courses is an excellent way to allow students to work together on a single piece.
Content can be delivered and supported using [[Lessons]] and [[SCORM]] activities. Key words can be added to [[Glossaries]] by yourself of, if you allow it, your students.
[[Surveys]] and [[Database module|Databases]] are also very powerful additions to any course.
If all of that isn't enough for you then you can also [[Non-standard modules|add other modules]] that are not part of the official Moodle release!
*[[Resources|About resources]]
*[[Text page]]
*[[Web page]]
*[[File or website link]]
*[[IMS content package]]
*[[Blocks (teacher)|About blocks]]
*[[Calendar (teacher)|Calendar]]
*[[Course/Site Description]]
*[[Latest News]]
*[[Online Users]]
*[[Quiz Results]]
*[[Random Glossary Entry]]
*[[Recent Activity]]
*[[RSS feeds]]
*[[Search Forums]]
*[[Section Links]]
*[[Upcoming Events]]
*[[Non-standard blocks]]
== See also ==
*[[Teaching with Moodle]]
*[[Teaching do's and don'ts]]
*[[Moodle manuals]]
*[[Using Moodle book]]
[[es:Documentación para Profesores]]
[[fr:Documentation enseignant]]
[[nl:Documentatie voor leraren]]

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