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== Who can edit MoodleDocs? ==
== Who can edit MoodleDocs? ==

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Who can edit MoodleDocs?

Anyone who is a registered user on Moodle.org can login to MoodleDocs and become a contributor. A reminder, this is not a school site and people from all over the world use this documentation site every day.

What do I need to know about creating a page?

Sysops and a few other people generally look at every new page that is created. Do not be overly concerned if your page name is not perfect. Better to get information in it, the page name can be changed by moving the content to another page later.

  • Generally, a new page name should only have the first word capitalized. Moodle in a page name is always capitalized. There are lots of exceptions and older pages that have never be edited to meet this standard which has evolved over time.
    • Exceptions are help pages, or those about fieldnames in Moodle. For example: error/data/notapproved is a page.

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