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The file bank is the new Moodle 2.0 file repository system.
It can use a feature called the file picker to select existing files from 2 areas (Server and Private files), or a temporary area(Recent files) and an option to upload a new file. 
The file picker has 2 basic views when looking at an area: Icon or List.  The list view is similar to a directory tree, that can collapse directories/folders, or expand directories/folders to show their files still in the tree format.  The icon view shows files and folders as thumbnails icons, the users clicks on the icon to drill down or to select the file.  A breadcrumb indicates the current location in the directory tree.
The upload a file window  has a browse selection feature, plus a field to rename a file, the picking author's name and the type of license that is stored when the "Upload this file" button is selected.
==Pre Moodle 2.0 description of file system==
In earlier versions, files were stored via an interface link in the course administration menu called "Files".  Generally speaking, files and folders in a course, were only available in that course. (Site administrators knew that these files and folders were located in [[Moodledata directory]]). 
In Moodle 2.0, files are stored and accessed via a link with the resource or activity in the course.
==See also==
*[[Course files]] - concept of pre 2.0 and 2.0 system
*[[File picker]] - used to add resource files.
*[[HTML editor 2.0]] - Insert group for images and media files
*[[Repositories]] - different media files
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