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Atto colours

The problem is that the colour schemes available are far too few. Page backgrounds, text colours and highlights should be the decisions of the authors, not the Developers. The text in the Doc:

  "..."...user specified colours may conflict visually with the site colour... (T)he first is just a visually unappealing combination of colours, the second is a combination of colours that may produce text that is hard to read for some people." 

is really tripe. I have no idea what colours someone else uses for their site, and I have no interest in it whatsoever, if I don't use the site, who cares? Only the people who do use it. So assertions that "visually unappealing combination of colours.." are just not warranted. At the MoodlemootAU17, I actually spoke on this very issue, suggesting that people do need to be careful about the colours they use on their site. However, I did qualify that by stating at the outset there are three conditions for this to occur, 1, authors need be mindful of their audience, 2, need be mindful of their environment and 3, don't impose what they think looks good on their site. In this Moodle Devs have ignored the first and last point concentrating on the second point.

I raise this issue as I have found there is a group of students in my classes, that are beset with Irlen Syndrome, a form of dyslexia. Their eyes are, as I understand it, overwhelmed by the luminosity of the documents they are reading. I found it difficult to replicate the background and foreground colours they really needed to use to be successful in Atto. I couldn't persist with it and switched to TinyMCE. Yes, I could add code to the page, but when on tight timelines, this becomes more problematic. Please do something about this. Or is this a Moodle Tracker issue? I understand there has already been a number of issues created in the tracker, but so far...