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Youtube block

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The Youtube block will pull Youtube videos with the same tag words as the tags page it is on. The block is disabled by default in new installs as it requires an API key.

Enabling the Youtube block

The API key used to enable the Youtube videos repository may also be used to enable the Youtube block. See Youtube videos repository for details of how to obtain the API key.

  1. Go to Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks
  2. Click the settings link opposite the Youtube block
  3. Enter the API key then click 'Save changes'.

Using the Youtube block

The Youtube block can only be added to a Tags page.

The title of the block is optional. Select the number of videos you would like to display in the block. You can also select the category from which the videos will be pulled in Youtube. In addition, you can specify which specific playlist you would like to pull the videos from by including the playlist id. This id is the alpha-numeric string of numbers at the end of the URL, i.e. using A77EAA3A1CFA1CD8 as the playlist id.

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