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Re: Note: The equal sign (=) doesn't seem to work with SHORTANSWER.

Most people work with the HTML Editor as a WYSIWYG editor and some code gets inserted. Compare:

Not working: (from the code view/HTML view in the editor)

Present career {:SA:=pop star~=famous pop star} or Present career {:SA:=pop star~%100%famous pop star}

Working: (after cleaning up the span tags)

Present career {:SA:=pop star~=famous pop star} and Present career {:SA:=pop star~%100%famous pop star}

Solution: go into HTML view and clean up any tags in the shortcode between the start { and end }

--Stan Bogdanov (talk) 04:48, 25 March 2015 (AWST)

I would love guidance, if it's possible, on how to make all gaps a uniform size so that 6-letter word gaps aren't noticeably longer than 2-letter word gaps. I tried &nbspb; but no luck. It counts as a space that is scored as part of the spelling.