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Surveypro rationale

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The idea standing after the development of this module is to provide answers to the more frequent requirements of end users.

Their frequent requirements are:

at element level

  • possibility to add custom question type matching specific needs
  • question predefined value
  • question level validation
  • reduce, as much as possible, the range of possible answers
  • mandatory questions
  • have some typographic option to display elements in different ways
  • tools to quickly reuse set a specific questions that never change in each survey

at survey level

  • conditional branching
  • force the user to provide a his/her own answer
  • subset of questions available to teachers ONLY
  • include permission management for groups of users submitting surveys in behalf of the same institution
  • use captcha
  • allow/deny submitted survey modification (including deletion)
  • allow a backup copy of submitted surveys each time they are modified in order to preserve their history
  • speed up form fill as much as it is possible

at report level

  • possibility to add custom reports
  • export of submitted surveys