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[[Category:Contributed code]]
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All or Nothing Question This is a multiple-choice, multiple-response question type that was created by Adriane Boyd and is now maintained by Jean-Michel Vedrine (vedrine@univ-st-etienne.fr).


The all or nothing question is adapted from the existing multichoice question. The main difference from the standard Moodle multiple choice question type is in the way that grading works. The teacher editing interface is slightly modified as when creating the question, the teacher just indicates which choices are correct.


In an all-or-nothing multiple choice question, a respondent can choose one or more answers. If the chosen answers correspond exactly to the correct choices defined in the question, the respondent gets 100%. If he/she chooses any incorrect choices or does not select all of the correct choices, the grade is 0%. Before using this questiontype, teachers must really think if this grading is what they want.


https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=qtype_multichoiceset from the Moodle plugins database