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Sookooroo module

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The Sookooroo module allows a course manager to add a link to a Sookooroo virtual room in a course section.

Sookooroo is a live knowledge exchange community. It is a social networking service for people to share knowledge in advanced virtual meeting rooms.

Sookooroo modules and blocks on the course page
Inside the Sookooroo virtual room


  • Course participants can access the virtual room without signing up on the Sookooroo website.
  • Moodle pictures of users who are in the room are displayed both on the course page and in the virtual room.
  • Guests can access to the virtual room when the course is open to guests. Guests are assigned unique keys and obtain distinct identities in the virtual room.
  • Users with capability sookooroo:moderator are identified as such in the virtual room (defaults to editingteacher and manager roles).
  • The same room can be linked from different moodle courses (as well as from outside moodle).


Git clone



The Sookooroo settings
  • Website id: The website id as obtained from the Sookooroo website.
  • Room id: The designated virtual room in the website.
  • Button text: The label of the entry button.

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