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{{Teacher documentation}}
Math 477
* '''[[Getting started for teachers|Getting started for teachers page link]]''' - New at this Moodle thing? The "Getting started" page gives a general overview of all the features of a course.  There are lots of internal links that will allow you to expand your knowledge.  Welcome !
Susan Smar
You can get back to this page by using the Teacher link in the Documentation menu on the left on most MoodleDoc pages.
*[[:Category:Teacher]] - a list of links to "Teacher" related pages
*[[Moodle manuals]] - a list of links to manuals and books
*[[Using Moodle book]] - a real book you can reprint!
*[[Blogs]] - blogs in Moodle
*[[Teaching with Moodle]] - inspiring links
*[http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=66854 Moodle and elearning intro] - Written by Martin Langhoff
*[[Teaching do's and don'ts|Teaching Do's and Don'ts]] - hints
*[[Teaching FAQ]] - common questions
*[http://moodle.tokem.fi/mod/book/view.php?id=16397&chapterid=8258 Example of a course teaching checklist]
*[http://moodle.tokem.fi/mod/book/view.php?id=16397 Teacher's Moodle Manual] - site specific, done in Moodle with the book module
*[http://www.houseoftutorials.net/ Video Tutorials on how to use Moodle] (go to the learning Moodle section and login as guest)
*[[Teaching tips and tricks]]
*[[Student documentation examples]]
*[[Student FAQ]] - students have questions about technology?
*[[Trainer]] - links that might be useful to Trainers
*Non Internet Moodles - useful for course building and sandboxes
:[[Complete install packages]] design course on your desktop
:[[Installation guide - Moodle for Windows on a USB Memory Stick]]
[[cs:Rukověť učitele]]
[[de:Dokumentation für Trainer]]
[[es:Documentación para Profesores]]
[[eu:Irakasleentzako dokumentazioa]]
[[fi:Opettajan opas]]
[[fr:Documentation enseignant]]
[[it:Documentazione per Docenti]]
[[nl:Documentatie voor leraren]]

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