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                  IX570 –Computer Class Online Course 101 and Assessment Evaluation
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                                  Martha M. Billups
                        IX 570 Design of Online in K-12 Environments
                                  Professor Donna Cady
IX 570 – Computer Class
Instructor  Martha Billups
Title: Microsoft Window7--Jump Right In
Course Materials:
Textbook Information:
Title: Microsoft Plain & Simple Window 7
Author: Jerry Joyce & Marianne Moon
Software Requirement:
AOL Instant Messenger
Window 7
Microsoft Word
Adobe Acrobat reader (available as a free download from Adobe Website at http://tryit.adobe.com/us/acrobat9/?sdid=EVUCM or search online if link does not work)
1. Students will learn how to use the Internet using Window 7
2. Students will learn to find the Web page using Window 7
3. Students will learn how to set the homepage or pages, finding information on the Internet using Window 7
NACOL- The National Standards for Online Course Quality- The mission of the North American Council for Online Learning is to increase educational opportunities and enhance learning by providing collegial expertise and leadership in k-12 online teaching and learning.
Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Quality online course standards for quality online courses as a primary source,
1. Students will learn the basics: starting Window 7 and shutting it down.
2. Students will learn starting programs, switching users with having to shut down all running programs.
3. Students will learn how to access documents, arranging open windows
4. Students will learn using mouse, getting online help
Learning Analysis:
Entry Skills and Prior knowledge:
All students have a computer and textbook entitle:
Microsoft Plain & Simple Windows 7 by Jerry Joyce & Marianne Moon
Students will have access the Internet and Window 7
Lesson One:
1. Students will begin with the basic
2. Students will test computer system for requirements
3. Students will be tested for skill and knowledge of Window 7
4. Students will start up, starting a program in window 7, powerpoint, and words
5. Students will review lesson.
Lesson Two:
1. Students will create assignment folder and email to instructor.
2. Students will access and organize files and documents.
3. Students will create quick access to a file or folder
4. Students will share files with instructor and assigned peer
Lesson Three
1. Students will create a email folder
2. Students will create letters using window 7
3. Students will email assigned students
4. Students will email instructor
Email account
A. Students will use email account to email letters, documents, and all correspondence to instructors and classroom.
B. Students will use email account to communicate all comments with instructors.
C. Students will email all assignments using email account.
Students will have access to: www.microsoft.com/window7
Teacher will provide all students with email address, cell number, and home phone number for comments and inputs.
Students will understand with assessments:
Assessment is a broad term defined as a process for obtaining information that is used for making decisions about students, curricula, programs and schools; and educational policy (see American Federation of Teachers, National Council on Measurement in Education, and National Education Association, 1990).
Learning Context:
Equipment: This module will be used at multiple 9th grade schools in Alabama. The computer classrooms are equipped with student’s personal computer. Students will communicate with computer for all correspondences with assignments.
Instructional Strategies:
Skills typing tests using computer with window 7 software and
Logging in using password protected site
Internet safety and access to all window 7 features will be review
Assignments using window 7 will be assess, review, and tested on
All features in window 7
Students will post all assignment to course web sites.
Assessment Plan:
The 9th grade computer class 101 is a basic computer course.  Students have demonstrated knowledge of the computer and the need to improve their skills using Window 7 software features.
The assessment action plan is to use Window 7 and skills
assessment tests that will use to test student’s knowledge
and skill.
www.microsoft.com/window7help will be use to help students
understand window 7
Students will create an online folder for all assignments that will be email to instructor.
www.youtube.com/window 7 will be used to educate students on
Classroom Assessments: (description of online sites assessments)
1. Skill test using window7
2. Creating email account and forward letter to instructors for grade
3. Creating folders using Window 7 features
4. Powerpoint assignment will be email to instructors and classmates.
There are two online learning modules that are used for computer online class. The community of learning will submit all assignment using the Internet and Window 7. Students will have assignments that will require them to test their previous knowledge of the computer using Window 7.
Media/ Online Tools:
1. Computer with access of Internet with Window 7 software.
2. Online email account
3. PowerPoint, excel, word will be used for assignments.
4. Course text book
5. Social network
6. www.microsoft.com/window7
7. www.Window7.com
8. www.youtube.com/window7
9. www.google.com/window7
10. http: //www.sreb.org/programs/edtech/pubs/2006Pubs/06T05_Standards_quality_online_courses.pdf
You should also review and refer to the Electronic Communications Policy contained in the most recent Kaplan University Catalog

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