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Dataform FAQ

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How can I set up the Dataform to allow students to view only their own entries?

Set Separate participants in the activity settings to 'Yes'.

How can I list entries content horizontally in an aligned table?

Use the Tabular view type or the Aligned view type.

Is there a Time stamp for Dataform entries?

The internal Entry time field allows you to display the time-created and time-modified of the entry.

How can I make the title of an entry into a link?

To make the title of an entry in list view link to the single view, add the following code to the list template:

<a href="##moreurl##">[[Title]]</a>

How can I make email addresses clickable?

To make email addresses clickable, add the following code to the view template:

<a href="mailto:[[Email]]">[[Email]]</a>

where 'Email' is the text field for entering an email addresses.

How can I delete a file attached to an entry?

  • Edit the entry.
  • Right-click on the file in the file manager.
  • Select 'delete'.
  • Save the entry.

How can I add a default sort order of entries?

In the Filters tab

  • Add a new filter.
  • Add sorting criteria to the filter.
  • Click on the 'default' button of the filter in the filters list.

How can I prevent students from adding entries?

In the Dataform settings, set max number of entries to 0.

You can also prevent adding and editing entries in a particular view by disabling all submission buttons in the view's submission settings.

How can I add entries en masse?

In the general section of the view template add the tag ##addnewentries## (as opposed to the default ##addnewentry##). This pattern displays a dropdown to select the number of entries to add.

How can I edit/delete entries en masse?

In the view template add the selector, bulk-edit and bulk-delete patterns. In the entries list tick the checkboxes of the entries to edit/delete and click the the respective bulk action link.

How can I completely reset a Dataform activity?

In the Dataform administration section of the Settings block, click 'Renew'.