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Location: ''Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Chat''
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A daemon is a program that runs all the time in the background. In this case it's a PHP script, listening to a particular port on your server, accepting and giving out chat information.
If you intend to use the chat activity a lot, then you should consider using a chat
server daemon to reduce server load.
1) Admin -> Config -> Modules -> Chat -> Settings
2) Set the method to "sockets" and set up the ports etc
3) Start the server like this (from the Unix command line):
  cd moodle/mod/chat
  php chatd.php --start &
4) Go to a chat room in Moodle and open it as normal.
==See also==
*[[Chat settings]] for teachers
*Using Moodle forum discussion http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=23198
[[fr:Configuration chat]]

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