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再作成中です - Mitsuhiro Yoshida

  • A course in Moodle is an area where a teacher will add resources and activities for their students to complete.It might be a simple page with downloadable documents or it might be a complex set of tasks where learning progresses through interaction. Progress can be tracked in a number of ways.
  • The course page is made up of central sections which contain the tasks and (if desired) blocks to the side. The course teacher has control over the course layout and can change it at any time.
  • Students can be enrolled manually by the teacher, automatically by the administrator, or they can be allowed to enrol themselves. Students can also be added to groups if they need to be separated from classes sharing the same course or if tasks need to be differentiated.

  • Courses - how to set up your courses.
  • Editing text - how to use the text editor and what the icons mean.
  • 活動 - 学生を積極的に自らの学びに参加させる方法です。
  • Resources - how to add static materials to your course.
  • Blocks - how to add extra items and information to the sides of your course page.
  • Questions - how to create questions for use in quizzes and Moodle's lesson module
  • Course enrolment - how to give students access to your course.
  • Grouping users - how to put students into groups and why this is useful.
  • 進捗追跡 - how to control and display progress through a course.
  • Reusing activities - how to copy or recycle elements of your course.