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Once the progress bar is installed, you can use it in a course as follows.

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Add the Simple Clock block to your page (How to add a block)
  3. Click the configuration icon on the block below the title and check the settings on the configuration page.
Configuration page for the Simple Clock block
Configuration page for the Simple Clock block

Instance Title

This setting allows you to change the title for an instance of the Simple Clock block.

The title will not be displayed if the block header is not shown.

Visible clocks

With this setting, you can control whether the user will see:

  • time on the server,
  • time on their own machine, or
  • both.

Simple clock block shown with server only, client only and both

Show seconds with each clock

Showing seconds will show users the time including seconds on all clocks visible.

Simple clock with seconds shown

The initial time shown is the time when the page was created. When this page content arrives at the user's browser, the time difference will include this delay (usually a few seconds). This is often acceptable as any interaction with Moodle will involve a delay, but the delay will be more evident with seconds shown.


With this setting, you can control whether the header, including the title, will be shown.

Simple clock with seconds shown


While "Editing" is turned on, the header of the block will be shown to teachers/administrators. When "Editing" is turned off, the header will be hidden. While this setting is set, students will not see the header, regardless of whether "Editing" is on or off.

Hide the clock icons

With this setting, you can control whether icons are shown next to each clock label.

The site icon is shown next to the "server" label. The user's icon image is shown next to their clock.

Simple clock with seconds shown

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