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How to connect your course files directories using WebDAV.

Use the URL that appears in the files listing, and follow the instructions appropriate to your system http://www.webdavsystem.com/server/documentation/access

(This feature will be available after v1.9)

A small, non-comprehensive list of client apps, aside with their pro's or con's:

  • Network folders in Windows (2K/XP/2K3/VISTA)
Pro: Available on a lot of computers, ease of use
Con: Auth problems, you need to ensure you have the right version of the msdaipp.dll file to show displaynames
  • Netdrive (Webdrive) - Novell tool
Pro: More robust than native implementation of WebDAV on microsoft platforms
Con: Does not show displayname, Webdrive is not free (as in beer)
Pro: Cross platform, works in Firefox
Con: Read-only access :( (big con to me...), does not show displayname
Pro: Does show me the displayname, integrates in windows explorer as a folder at the same level of your other drives
Con: Not free, but it is free (as in beer), I cannot upload any files using this tool, so not useable :(