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== Theme directory for Developers ==
== Theme directory for Developers ==
Developers should follow the [[Theme directory guide]]
Developers should follow the [[:dev:Theme directory guide]]
== See Also ==
== See Also ==

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In the standard Moodle distribution, all themes are placed in the theme/ directory.

From version 1.7, moodle will support changing the location which themes are stored in and used with the theme selector.

More information about the content of a typical theme directory/folder can be found in Theme basics

Change themes default directory for site

Plantilla:Moodle 1.7 Starting from Moodle 1.7, the storage location of themes may be altered, using the variables $CFG->themewww and $CFG->themedir. Themes from placed in the directory specified by these variables will then be available for selection using the theme selector.

For example, should you wish to place themes in a subdirectory called 'my_moodle_themes', your config.php might look like this:

$CFG->wwwroot   = 'http://my.moodle.site.edu';
$CFG->dirroot   = '/var/www/my.moodle.site.edu/public_html';
$CFG->themewww  = $CFG->wwwroot . '/my_moodle_themes';
$CFG->themedir  = $CFG->dirroot . '/my_moodle_themes';

Theme directory for Developers

Developers should follow the dev:Theme directory guide

See Also