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<p class="note">'''Note:''' This list is a work in progress. See [[QA testing]] if you'd like to help writing new QA tests and if you have any questions or comments on any aspect of our QA testing process, please post in the [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=56 Testing and QA forum].</p>
This page lists Moodle features with links to corresponding QA tests.
If you'd like to help with Moodle testing, see [[QA testing]].
==Question bank features==
* MDLQA-90 A teacher can choose from 11 different question types when creating a question
* MDLQA-91 A teacher can edit questions in the [[Question bank|question bank]]
* MDLQA-92 A teacher can preview questions in the question bank
* MDLQA-93 A teacher can delete questions from the question bank
* MDLQA-94 A teacher can sort questions in the question bank
* MDLQA-95 A teacher can organise questions into [[Question categories]]
* MDLQA-96 A teacher can [[Import questions|import questions]] in a choice of formats
* MDLQA-97 A teacher can [[Export questions|export questions]] in a choice of formats
==Features that apply to all question types==
''Some of these features can only be tested when a question has been added to a quiz, not in the stand-alone question preview.''
# The student can toggle the flag beside each question.
# The teacher can see the state of a student's flag, but cannot change it.
# Once a question has been finished, the teacher can manually override the grade, and add a comment.
# Underneath the view of the question in its current state, there is a table showing the history of states the question went through.
==Features of specific question types==
===Multiple Choice===
===Short answer===
''Suppose you install a question of a particular type, create some questions, have students attempt a quiz using those questions, then un-install the question type. Clearly it is no longer possible to use that quiz or review those questions exactly as they used to appear. However, it should still be possible to look that the quiz reports for that old quiz, and review the quiz attempts and see any questions of types that are still installed on your server. The 'missing' question types exists to make that possible.''
''It also serves to keep things basically working if you restore a backup file made on another server that has more question types installed.''
==See also==
*[[Course administration tests]]
*[[Activity module tests]]
[[Category:Functional testing]]

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