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The following is expected from our GSOC students:
==During the community bonding period==
* Ensure you've introduced yourself in our GSOC 2011 [http://dev.moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=87 Introductions forum].
* Create a specification for your project in Moodle Docs and post in an appropriate Using Moodle forum asking for feedback.
* Post in your blog about your project specification and/or your first impressions of the Moodle community. Tag your entries 'moodle' and 'gsoc'.
* Attend an online orientation meeting (date to be confirmed).
Each week:
* Login to moodle.org and read any forum posts of interest to you.
* Chat with your mentor(s) and/or with Helen.
* Participate in the GSOC group chat ''gsoc2011@conference.moodle.org''.
==During the coding period==
* Refine your specification based on feedback from your mentor and the wider Moodle community.
* Add subtasks to your tracker issue in roughly chronological order for all your project milestones.
* Post your code as patches to tracker subtasks initially.
* Post regularly in the forums to build a dialogue with the community. Advertise major milestones to maintain community interest and draw in new testers and more feedback.
* Provide documentation in Moodle Docs.
Each week:
* Post in your blog summarizing what you've been working on, any problems you've run into, and what you're planning to do next.
* Have a meeting with your mentor.
* Participate in the GSOC group chat.
In the final week:
* Post in your blog a summary of everything you have worked on for GSOC 2011.
* Add a comment to your tracker issue with the download link to the code for your project.
* Post in an appropriate Using Moodle forum to inform the community of your project work.
* Ensure that user documentation for your project is available in Moodle Docs.
* Share your project code by adding an entry in the [http://moodle.org/mod/data/view.php?id=6009 Modules and plugins database], including download, discussion and documentation links.
==See also==
* [[GSOC]]
* [[Development:Guidelines for contributed code]]

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