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Filters FAQ

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What are filters?

Filters allow for the automatic transformation of entered text into different, often more complex forms. For example the titles of resources can automatically become hyperlinks that take you to the relevant resource, URLs pointing to mp3 files can become Flash controls embedded in the web page that let you pause and rewind the audio. The possibilities are endless and there are a number of standard filters included with Moodle and many more specialized filters available from the Modules and plugins database.

See Filters for details.

How do I enable filters?

You find the settings under Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters, see Managing filters for details.

Why is my filter not working?

After checking that the filter is enabled for the site, course and activity or resource, check in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters that the order of the filters is not causing a problem. See the forum discussion Moodle Media player not appearing for an example.

Where do I find additional filters?

You will find a number of contributed filters in the Moodle Plugins directory.

How do I create custom filters?

See the following developer docs for details:

See also