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This page is for (rapidly!) designing the new DMS APIs.  As Martin says, "Basically we'll have an API that interfaces Moodle files handling everywhere via a plugin to the chosen repository (or repositories). This allows us to use all the great repositories are around without needing to restrict ourselves to just one."  ([http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=4380 relevant forum post])
This is an interesting thing to do, because some DMS backends will provide features that others don't provide, and Moodle will/may have to provide those features transparently for backends that don't.
This is a first pass at doing this, and the naming conventions I'm using are intended to be clear but not necessarily to indicate what I think these things should really be called in code.
==DMS Properties Object==
class dms_document_properties
var $id;
var $name;
var $author;
var $directory;
// every time a separate module/instance refers to this document, refcount is bumped.  When refcount==0, bye-bye, document!
// Hopefully most DMS backends will already implement this sort of thing themselves, so those plugins don't have to mess with this.
var $refcount;
var $credentials; // username, password, stuff like that
/* OK, some shameless module promotion here.  I've implemented a generic access_control module that I think could be useful here.  Maybe it's duplicating some other functionality I just don't know about yet and maybe it has horrible problems that haven't been pointed out to me yet, but I'll mention it here just the same.  It's under contrib/ in the [http://moodle.org/download/modules/portfolio.zip portfolio module]. */
var $access_control; // object with access control specification/methods
==DMS Data Object==
class dms_document
var $dms_document_properties;
var $content;
var $pwd;  // I'm not sure I like this.  You can traipse around the filesystem carrying $content and the content's $dms_document_properties->directory along with you?
/* This is just a first pass to get something on the table. */
Content of the document sufficiently specified by $this->dms_document_properties is fetched from DMS backend.
Returns: value of $this->id, or false
Content of document sufficiently specified by $this->dms_document_properties is stored/updated in DMS backend.
Returns: value of $this->id, or false
Full properties of the document sufficiently specified by $this->dms_document_properties (id, owner, title, etc.) are fetched from DMS backend.
Returns: dms_document_properties object, or false
Change the access un/specified for $this according to the $access_object specification (type of access, grant/deny/revoke, designee, etc.)
Returns: true/false
Check to see whether the specified $access_object describes access that has been granted to $this.
Returns: true if specified access is granted, false otherwise
Decrements the refcount and deletes $this if refcount==0.  Hopefully most DMSes already have their own refcount (or whatever); I"m shooting from the hip here.
Returns: true/false
Moves the document from its present directory to the specified new one.
Returns: true/false
Make $new_dms_document's directory, name, owner, etc., refer to $this.  (Think of a UNIX hard link, where the inode -- in our case, id -- gets another reference.)
Returns: true/false
Make $this refer to $old_dms_document.  (Think of a UNIX hard link, where the inode -- in our case, id -- gets another reference.)
Returns: true/false
Copies $this into the directory_path, owner, title, etc. specified by $new_dms_document.
Returns: $new_dms_document->id, or false
Copies $old_dms_document into the directory_path, owner, title, etc. specified by $this.
Returns: $this->id, or false
Locks $this.
Returns: true/false
Unlocks $this.
Returns: true/false
Forcibly unlocks $this.
Returns: true/false
Make the specified new directory, including necessary parent directories as required (perhaps if an additional boolean parameter is set).
Returns: true/false
Get the present working directory.
Returns: present working directory as a string, or false
Change PWD to the specified $new_directory_path, which can be absolute or relative.
Returns: true/false
List the files/directories in $pwd.
Returns: array of document_properties of all the files/directories in $pwd, or false
Get the named property from $this->dms_document_properties.
Returns: value of property, or false  (er... 'false' on failure?)
set_property($property_name, $value);
Set the named property in $this->dms_document_properties.
Returns: true/false
Return a URL that points to the document specified by $this, if possible.
Returns: URL or false
===Other methods===
==Other Considerations==
* Will the plugged-in DMS store access controls, or will Moodle handle those?  (I think it best to let Moodle handle them but perhaps also pass-through as well as possible; not all external DMSes will have the same or sufficient access controls.)
==See also==
* Using Moodle [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=41026 RFC - Remote object repositories -- consolidating implementations] forum discussion

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