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Location: Administration > Server > Debugging

Debug messages

Plantilla:Moodle 1.7From Moodle 1.7 onwards, further options are provided for controlling how to handle PHP error messages. The administrator can select the types of error messages to be displayed or logged.

The options for debugging include:

  • NONE: Do not show any errors or warnings
  • MINIMAL: Show only fatal errors
  • NORMAL: Show errors, warnings and notices
  • ALL: Show all reasonable PHP debug messages
  • DEVELOPER: extra Moodle debug messages for developers - If you turn this on, then PHP's error_reporting will be increased so that more warnings are printed. This is only useful for developers.

Display debug messages

There is an option to choose whether to display error messages or simply record them in the server logs.

Debug email sending

Determines whether or not to enable verbose debug information during sending of email messages to SMTP server.

Performance info

The Performance info option determines whether performance info will be included in the footer of the standard theme (and some other themes). Performance info includes the time for the page to load, the amount of memory used to generate the page, cpu usage, load, and the record cache hit/miss ration.