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Custom corners is new theme for moodle 1.9 by Urs Hunkler of [http://moodle.unodo.de Unodo]
==Making a theme based on custom corners==
To use custom corners as the parent of your theme (so you only specify changes from it instead of building your own from scratch) follow these instructions:
# Make a copy of the custom-corners directory and rename it to something else
# open the "user_styles.css" file, delete everything and save it.
# open "config.php" and set the following:
## $THEME->sheets = array('user_styles');
## $THEME->standardsheets = array('styles_layout');
## $THEME->parent = 'custom_corners';
## $THEME->parentsheets = array('user_styles');
# save "config.php"
# edit your profile within moodle to use the new theme
# You should see no difference, but can make CSS additions to "user_styles.css" which will appear when you refresh the page.

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