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<p class="note">'''Note:''' This list is a work in progress. See [[QA testing]] if you'd like to help writing new QA tests and if you have any questions or comments on any aspect of our QA testing process, please post in the [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=56 Testing and QA forum].</p>
==Course settings==
* MDLQA-89 A teacher can set a course full name, short name and summary
* MDLQA-114 A teacher can set one of 4 [[Course formats|course formats]]
* MDLQA-116 A teacher can set the number of course sections and the course start date
* MDLQA-117 A teacher can choose whether hidden course sections are shown collapsed
* MDLQA-118 A teacher can set the number of news items which appear in the latest news block
* MDLQA-119 A teacher can set whether students can view their gradebook and activity reports
* MDLQA-120 A teacher can set a maximum upload file size for the course
* MDLQA-121 If enabled by an administrator, a teacher can select a course theme
* MDLQA-122 A teacher can set a course language
* MDLQA-137 A teacher can manually enrol users in the course
* MDLQA-139 A teacher can enable self-enrolment in a course
* MDLQA-140 A teacher can enable [[Guest|guest access]] to a course
* MDLQA-141 A teacher can set whether a course is available to students
==Roles and permissions==
# Users may be [[Assign_roles|assigned a role]], such as student or teacher in the course, module or block context (plus additional contexts if allowed by the user's role).
# Users with a particular role in the course are listed on the participants page unless their role assignment is hidden.
# The [[Override_permissions|permissions for a role may be overridden]] in the course, module or block context (plus additional contexts if allowed by the user's role) to allow, prevent or prohibit a particular capability.
# The [[Grader report]] displays course grades for teachers with mouse-over tooltips, highlighted rows and columns, sortable columns and a horizontal scrollbar.
# A teacher can edit individual grades.
# A teacher can set [[Grader report preferences|preferences]] for how the grader report is displayed.
# Grades may be organised into [[Grade categories|categories]] and subcategories.
# A teacher can set one of 9 possible options for aggregating grades within a category.
# Within a category, the lowest x grades may be dropped or the highest x grades kept.
# A teacher can set a multiplicator (factor by which all grades will be multiplied) or an ofset (number that will be added to every grade).
# A teacher can create a [[Scale]] for use in the course.
# A teacher can edit the [[Grade letters]] used in the course.
# [[Grade import|Grades may be imported]] via CSV or XML file.
# [[Grade export|Grades may be exported]] to Excel spreadsheet, OpenDocument spreadsheet, plain text file or XML file.
==Groups and groupings==
* MDLQA-142 A teacher can organise students into [[Groups|groups]] within a course
* MDLQA-143 A group may be given a description and a picture
* MDLQA-144 A group enrolment key may be used to automatically add users to the group
* MDLQA-145 Groups may be created automatically by a teacher
* MDLQA- Groups may also be uploaded via a text file.
* MDLQA- There are three [[Groups course settings|group modes settings]] - no groups, separate groups (each group can only see their own group, others are invisible) and visible groups (each group works in their own group, but can also see other groups).
* MDLQA- The group mode can be defined at two levels - course level (selected setting will be the default group mode for all activities defined within that course)  or activity level.
* MDLQA- If the group mode at course level is forced, then the option to define the group mode for individual activities is not available.
* MDLQA- Groups may be organised into [[Groupings]] within a course.
* MDLQA- An activity may be assigned to a particular grouping only. Users in other groups will not be able to view the activity.
==Backup and restore==
* A teacher can backup a course
* A teacher can import data from another course
See [http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDLQA/component/10670 Moodle QA Backup Component] for links to master copies of the above tests.
# The backup may include all (site) users, course users or none.
# The backup may include user files (e.g. assignment submissions), course files or site files used in the course (e.g. files linked to from questions in the question bank).
# The backup may include [[Reports|course activity logs]] or grade histories.
# Selected role assignments may be backed up in order to copy a custom role from one Moodle site to another.
# A backup may be [[Restore|restored]] to a new course or to an existing course, either adding data to it or deleting it first.
# All or selected activities may be restored with or without user data (conditional upon the backup file including the data).
# The [[Reset course]] feature allows calendar events, course activity logs and/or course notes to be deleted.
# Users may be unassigned selected roles and local role assignments and permissions overrides deleted.
# Grades, grade items and grade categories may be deleted.
# Groups and groupings may be deleted or group and grouping members removed.
# Assignment submissions, chat messages, choice responses, database entries, forum posts, glossary entries, lesson attempts, quiz attempts, SCORM attempts, survey responses may be deleted.
# Comments and ratings from selected activity modules may be deleted.
# [[Reports|Course activity logs]] may be generated for all/selected participants, all/selected dates, all/selected activities, all/selected actions (view, add, update, delete, all changes).
# Logs may be displayed on a page or downloaded in text, ODS or Excel format.
# Live logs of course activity from the past hour may be generated, showing actions, participant names and IP addresses.
# [[Participation report|Participation reports]] may be generated for selected activities, looking back over a selected time period, for users with a selected role, showing all/selected actions (view, post).
# A message may be sent to all/selected/all with no actions participant report subjects.
# An outline report, complete report, the day's logs, all logs may be generated for a particular user via the [[Activity report]]s tab in their profile page.
The question bank is complex. Features are [[Development:Features_list_-_questions|listed on a separate page]].
==See also==
* [[Activity module tests]]
[[Category:Functional testing]]

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